6 Wulff beds with 20 minute maximum exposure time.
6  bronzer beds with facial bulbs with 15 minute maximum exposure time.
2 Stand-Up units ( one with 11 minute maximum exposure and one with 9 minutes). Equipment


    • Single Session = $6.50 (plus tax)
    • 5 Sessions    =   $27.50 (plus tax)
    • 10 Sessions   = $50.00 (plus tax)
    • 1 Month Unlimited = $67.50 (plus tax)
    • 3 Months Unlimited = $145.00 (plus tax),Includes free bottle of lotion ($15.00 value)
    • Cheyanne Megabed = Buy 1 tan for $20.00 (plus tax) or buy 5 get one free (total of 6) for $100.00 (plus tax).
    • 1 Mystic Tan is just $22.00 (plus tax) or buy 5 sessions and get one free for $110.00 (plus tax).

Suds Tanning carries, or will order products from Australian Gold, California Tan, Designer Skin, and Swedish Beauty.


We feel the customer should be able to use any of the beds that we offer for the same price.
For example you can use a 15 minute bed one day and choose a stand-up bed the next.
We do not believe in contracts, tiers or up-charges.


We take pride in the fact that all of our rooms are completely private and clean.

          Suds America introduces our NEW! Cayenne Mega Bed. Get an amazing tan with this European, efficient masterpiece. It can produce a great tan in as little as 1-3 sessions. It offers maximum tanning results, with a short average tanning session of 8-10 minutes, and a maximum of 12 minutes. This bed has five times the bronzing results of our medium pressure 20 minute beds, with a larger tanning surface. This large, elliptical shaped tanning bed ensures that every part of your body gets incredible tanning results....leaving no body parts untouched.

It also provides an air conditioned environment and separate No- Burn Facial tanners, that can be adjusted to your perfect setting.

We now have a Mystic Tan spray tanning booth available for those who want flawless color without the sun!

Our self serving spray tan booth offers all over gorgeous tanning color in as little as 3-5 minutes.

As the worldwide industry leader in spray tanning for over 15 years, Mystic Tan continues to be the brand you trust and love. Beyond consistently flawless and natural-looking results, Mystic Tan creates The Color of Confidence.
Only Mystic Tan lets you customize your spray tan with Mystic Myxers™. We offer three levels of color: Light, medium and dark as well as color boosting triple bronze myxers and aromas to enhance your tanning experience!

It is recommended to do 3 tanning sessions every other day for the first week, and then one tan per week to maintain a golden healthy color, or to boost color during a package with our other tanning bed options.